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Download BTS Home Party 2017 Full with Engsub and Indosub

[Full] BTS HOME PARTY   |   Engsub    |    Indosub

BTS HOME PARTY (Drawing Each Other)   |   Engsub    |    Indosub

BTS HOME PARTY - R&V    |   Engsub    | Indosub

BTS HOME PARTY - 3J 'Urban Dance'   |   Engsub    | No Indosub

BTS HOME PARTY - SIN    |   Engsub    | Indosub

Steps for download :
1. Open the link of video
2. Choose the quality of video, if done, for download you have to hold the video and choose 'download link' if you download on the laptop, just click right and click 'download link'. Then it will download
3. Next, for the sub, just click it and it will downloading automatically
4. Because the name of video and sub are different, so you have to same both. (ex: if video name is 'BTS 01.mp4' so the name of the link must be btw 01.SRT) and if you play the video, it will play automatically with the sub
5. If the sub isn't appear, you have to play with VLC player
6. Finish, happy watching^^


Langkah-langkah mengunduh:
1. Downlad video beserta subnya
2. Samakan nama video dan nama subnya. (Contoh: Run BTS Eps 30 maka nama subnya pun harus disamakan Run BTS Eps 30) 
3. Jika sub masih belum muncul, berarti video player kamu tidak support. Disarankan untuk menggunakan VLC player. (Untuk dihp bisa di playstore, untuk dilaptop bisa download, jika punya akun microsoft di laptop downloadnya bisa di store) 
4. Jika sudah VLC didownload, maka play dan subnya pasti muncul. 
5. Goodluck! 

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