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WINNER is on Jeju Island!
For the members who all worked so hard, For one night and two days, A special healing vacation prepared by Hoony. They will go on a Hoony Tour prepared just for them.

A supercar to a cruise, the highly anticipated
Hoony Tour! It's the fastest and sturdiest!

Hoony Tour's Package 1: Activity
A thrilling course that runs through
Jeju Island by land and sea

Hoony Tour Package 2: Restaurant Tour
A healing package to recharge on happiness for Kang, Kim, Song, and Lee!

Why is Hoony suddenly mad at the members?

If the member want to enjoy the Hoony Tour
Whoever gets the most Hoony badges will receive a very luxurious award.

The member will trying desperately to get the Hoony badges

On tour with the rookie tour guide, Hoony.. A Jeju tour with Hoony Tour.. The Hoony Tour delivers more happiness and joy than expected..

Aired on January 29th 6pm Free on Ollehtv Moblie for users under all telecommunication providers..


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